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Director Of Photography


Kevin Jason Crasta is a Mumbai, India based cinematographer. His work ranges across a variety of visual storytelling mediums: Long & Short format films, Commercials, Fashion films, Music Videos, Documentary films and more.
He studied cinematography from Mindscreen Film Institute (Chennai), under the tutelage of Rajiv Mennon, M.N. Gnanasekaran, R. Sritharan and Lata Murugan. He's had hands on experience on various aspects of filmmaking, from Direction to Editing, all before diving head on into his ultimate calling of becoming a Cinematographer. 
Mentored by the likes of Suresh Triveni and Vishal Sinha, Kevin has been on sets since 2009.
With his work, he constantly strives to observe, learn and assimilate the essence of reality into visual narratives, fictional and otherwise.

A firm believer in collaboration and communication, Kevin ensures that the journey of the director’s vision from their mind’s eye to the screen is always the smoothest.

Kevin Jason Crasta

Director of Photography

Kevin Jason Crasta DOP
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